The Supervisory Board

Simavi’s Supervisory Board performs integral supervision, acts as an employer and advises the management. The current Board consists of five members, including the chairman, with a diverse background. The composition is such that members jointly have the required knowledge, experience and networks to be able to assess the vision, mission, strategy and goals of the organization and business operations in general, and to be able to adequately perform its supervisory and advisory function. The Board usually meets four to five times a year. In addition, attendance may be desirable at internal and / or external meetings. The council evaluates itself every year to improve the desired effectiveness and team dynamics.

Simavi’s Supervisory Board is composed as follows:

Supervisory board membersArea of expertiseCurrent positionOther ancillary positions
Michiel de Wilde, chair,
remuneration committee, strategy committee
Strategy and organisation, international development, CSRBoard member / Director at Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and EconomyChairman of the executive board of Stichting Innovatie Economie Onderwijs (SIEO); board member of Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum (The Hague)
Mirjam Bakker, vice chair,
audit committee
Governance, risk and compliance managementGroup Risk & Compliance Director at SBM Offshore N.V.Member of the supervisory board and audit committee of GGZ ingeest; board member of Stichting Stimuleringskader Integere Organisatie (SSIO)
Laura de Graaf,
audit committee
FinanceFinancial consultant
Willem van de PutInternational health developmentResearch fellow at the Institute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp); Research fellow at Fordham University (New York)Co-founder of Culture4Change;
board member of The Green Can Foundation
Jeroen Wels,
remuneration committee, strategy committee
Human resources managementExecutive Vice-President Human Resources, Unilever

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