Health is the first step out of poverty

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People can only go to school, work and contribute positively to their community, when they’re healthy. That’s why we want to make basic health accessible and available to all. It is our ambition to structurally improve the health of 10 million people by 2020.

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Ariette is Simavi’s Managing Director. After a long career at the Swedish SCA Cooperation (known for its brands like Edet and Libresse), she is now  driven to inspire the public and private sectors, knowledge institutions, NGOs  and communities to work together towards basic health for all.    



We empower communities, involve governments and private sector to ensure everyone can use essential services, learn healthy behaviour and enjoy sexual & reproductive rights. Together we develop sustainable programmes that deliver long lasting improvement to the health of marginalised communities in Africa and Asia.

Simavi has been working to improve basic health for ninety years.

Over this time we’ve built up an in-depth knowledge of what - and who - it takes to successfully implement WASH and SRHR programmes and how to keep producing positive and sustainable results.

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