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Frances, Sidney and Carolyn

Frances (13), Sidney (14) and Carolyn (14) are three of the five WASH Club leaders at their school in Kajiado, Kenya.


What does your WASH club do?

“Our school has 410 students and 17 toilets – the WASH club is responsible for cleaning all the toilets, classrooms and staffrooms.  3-4 students are in charge of cleaning 2-3 toilets. We use water and liquid soap to clean them every day. If the school’s water supply is running out, we ask our classmates to bring water from their community. If some families don’t have water or simply don’t want to give it to  the school, then either the school has to purchase extra water or we have to clean with ashes”.


How many members does the WASH Club have and how do you keep in touch?

“We have 50 members (cleaners). Carolyn is our president and each cleaning unit (e.g. toilets, classrooms and staffrooms) has its own leader. As two of us are in our final year here, we have elected leaders to succeed us. We’re currently training and preparing them to carry on our tasks. Once a month we meet with all leaders and our environmental teacher, who advises us on certain matters. When we decide on something, or we have made a new cleaning schedule, we gather all 50 members together to notify them.”


What does the WASH club do outside school?

“We share everything we learn about hand washing, hygiene and cleaning with our families. Now they are also aware of hygiene procedures and follow them too. We have also been invited by NOSIM (one of Simavi’s partners) to take part in events on national holidays and elsewhere in the county. For example on Global Hand Washing Day, we went to an event at a school nearby. We sang songs about WASH and showed how to wash hands properly. It was a big success!”

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3 Questions

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