3 Questions

Christine Awino

Christine (12) lives with her brother Joseph and grandmother Consolata in Kakamega county, Kenya. She is a good student and loves to learn. She wants to become a nurse when she grows up.



You joined the Football for Water Programme at school. What did you learn?

“Where I live, we get water from a nearby well that is also used for drinking and washing clothes. Many people don’t have a toilet and defecate around the bush. This causes cholera, typhus and diarrhoea. At school I learned the importance of good hygiene. They taught us a game of tag: when you’re tagged you get a bacteria and have to wash your hands before you can continue. This was really fun and I learned a lot!”


How do you put what you learned into practice?

“We didn’t have good facilities at school before. There were too few toilets shared by too many students and teachers. Now we have ventilated latrines that reduce the smell a lot! Plus girls have their own sanitation units, so we don’t need to share these with boys anymore. Finally, we have improved access to water, so everyone can wash their hands.”


Did you make some changes at home as well?

“Yes, we did! I shared all the information with my grandma. And a local health worker visited our home to explain more about hygiene. Now we have our own latrine, built by a local construction worker. We clean the house and toilet, and air-dry our dishes on a wooden rack instead of using leaves.”

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3 Questions

3 Questions to literally comprise 3 questions we ask someone with whom we collaborate: a public official, local partner, villager or donor.

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