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Abdul Khalek

Abdul Khaled (64) lives in Barguna, Bangladesh. As a local entrepreneur, he was selected to join the Entrepreneurship & Social Marketing training. This programme enables private entrepreneurs to start sanitation businesses and increase their understanding of marketing techniques, including social marketing.


How do you know Simavi ?

Forty years ago, I started my sanitation busiĀ­ness in the Barguna region of southwest Bangladesh. I had never received any training to enhance my business capacities until Simavi invited me.


How did the Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP) enhance your business?

It improved my relationship with Union Parishad (the local government authority) and the community. Now I know how to communicate better with consumers, NGOs and the Department of Public Health Engineering about the benefits of using hygienic latrines. I also learnt how to organise activities to promote my business. For example, I now have a signboard in front of my shop that features hygienic latrine designs, display pictures inside, and distribute leaflets.



What was the impact of the training on your business?

Since the training I have sold almost 2.5 times more latrines or latrine parts than before. This has resulted in an increase in my average income from 2400 BDT to 6500 BDT per week (us$30- 80). I have also expanded the number of sanitation models, spare parts and equipment for sale in my shop.

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3 Questions

3 Questions to literally comprise 3 questions we ask someone with whom we collaborate: a public official, local partner, villager or donor.

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