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Samwel Jakinda

 Samwel Jakinda is the Programme Manager of Neighbours Initiative Alliance (NIA), one of Simavi’s local partner organisations in Kajiado, Kenya. NIA is one of over 100 partners worldwide that we work together with in the WASH Alliance International to accelerate WASH and realise sustainable access to water and sanitation for everyone.


Why are you so committed to work on improving WASH?

“Kajiado, the area I work in, still lags behind in WASH. Many people still have to walk several kilometres to access water.  And even when people have access to water or sanitation facilities, that doesn’t mean we consider them as improved WASH facilities. Most water sources are open source and people lack knowledge on how to make the water safe. Even if we advise them to boil the water first, they still need fire wood and aqua tabs (small tablets or powder) for water purification. But they often don’t know how to use or find these. I want to influence change to overcome these challenges and improve people’s health. “


How does Simavi help you in your goals?

“We’ve been working with Simavi since 2011 and we’ve achieved a lot in that time. Thanks to Simavi’s support we’ve been able to build capacity of the staff through trainings. In addition, we’ve been able to build the capacity of NIA itself by promoting good governance within the organisation. These are significant milestones and because of that we’ve been able to inspire other organisations to work with us and attract other funding.

We look forward to exploring further ways with Simavi to accelerate what we are already doing. For example, by advocating county governments to commit more resources and find ways of accelerating WASH services through trainings and sensitising people.”


What result or accomplishment are you most proud of?

“Internally, I’m proud that we’ve been able to build the capacity of NIA and its staff. I think this will lead to more positive results in the long term. In terms of WASH conditions, I’m happy that people are now able to get clean drinking water thanks to spring protections. We’ve also seen communities are now starting and embracing the use of toilets, where previously they would just go to the open fields and the bush.”

The future seems bright: we’ve expanded beyond Kajiardo County to work in several other counties in northern Kenya. This opens up more opportunities to link and work together in those other counties.”

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3 Questions

3 Questions to literally comprise 3 questions we ask someone with whom we collaborate: a public official, local partner, villager or donor.

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