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Dick van Ginhoven

Dick van Ginhoven is Senior Advisor Water and Sanitation at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2016, he attended the World Water Week in Stockholm where Global Citizens handed over their  petition to make the Dutch commitment on WASH a reality. Simavi supports this action and spoke to Dick van Ginhoven about it.


You received more than 47.000 signatures for our Prime Minister to raise support for the Dutch commitment on WASH.  Can you tell us a bit more about the follow-up of this commitment and when you want to publish the new WASH-strategy?

“Minister Ploumen committed the Netherlands to grant financial support to provide 30 million people with safe water supply and 50 million people with access to sanitary facilities (toilets) in the period leading to 2030. The new DGIS WASH policy for the period 2016-2030 will be send to partners for a last round of comments in the coming weeks before being send to Minister Ploumen and subsequent Parliament.”


Do you have any advice for Simavi and other NGOs on how we can contribute to this commitment?

“As member of the WASH Alliance International , Simavi can contribute to this commitment. It is important to focus on sustainable service delivery for the users. Sustainability of our WASH investments is essential. By this I mean that the service providers should set up and deliver a sustainable service to consumers. Sustainability largely depends on meeting the FIETS (Financial, Institutional, Environmental, Technological and Social) criteria to achieve structural and lasting impact.”


You had many meetings here in Stockholm. Can you briefly explain which topics evolve in these discussions and what donors find most exciting and challenging about the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals?

“My main purpose to attend the World Water Week is to meet with colleagues from all around the world to exchange ideas, learn about new developments, and gain insights. Stockholm is an excellent place for networking. The Netherlands speaks a lot with like-minded donors, such as the United Kingdom(DFID), USA (USAID) and Sweden (SIDA) to align our WASH strategies. The most exciting and challenging issue are around the implementation of SDG 6 circle: financing (domestic resource mobilisation) and capacity development.”

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3 Questions

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