5-11 May 2019, Amsterdam

Simavi organizes a unique event to introduce the organization’s strategic orientation for the years to come. The so called ‘Simavi Summit’ will bring together 30 of its strategic partners to discuss key topics with about 20 local staff members. These key topics are related to Simavi’s fields of competence, which were earlier identified in the Simavi Reinventing Ourselves process.

The two main objectives for the Summit are:

1: Introduce Simavi’s strategic course to various local partners;

  • Introduce and lay foundation for renewed thematic expertise
  • Engage and connect with partners; selecting (new) thematic champions
  • Boost and align PME, finance, communication skills of partner

2: Inspire and dream beyond 2020;

  • Co-create, explore and discuss new programme ideas
  • Partnership building activities
  • Create visibility for partners programs

During the Simavi Summit a series of lectures and co-learning activities will be hosted, to offer the partners key insights on how to offer jointly the most valuable contribution to Simavi’s programming in the near future.

Topics to be discussed will be based on Simavi’s main expertise areas:

Menstrual Health

Simavi promotes menstruation as a natural and essential part of the reproductive cycle and women have the right to be able to manage their menstrual health with adequate knowledge, safety, dignity and without stigma.

Maternal Health

Simavi endorses reproductive rights and improves maternal and neonatal (the first 28 days of life) health by improving knowledge of and creating access to safe and hygienic antenatal, delivery and post-natal health services, including safe and legal (post-)abortion services.

Bodily Integrity

Simavi believes every woman and girl has the right to bodily integrity; the right to govern and control one’s own body, as unfortunately we still find too many violations including: sexual assault, exploitation and violence, unwanted pregnancy, restricted movement and limited access to contraceptives or no access to private toilets and products to maintain hygiene (during menstruation), which results in being excluded from social life.

Water & Sanitation

Simavi’s interventions strive to address the inequalities that women and girls face in relation to accessing and using safe and sufficient water and sanitation. For all women and girls to make an informed decision and participate in the decision-making processes that affect their health and that of their families, we empower them to claim their right to water and sanitation. Our rights-based approach also targets duty-bearers to fulfil their obligations.


Simavi defines hygiene as the conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases in a specific situation. Good hygiene consists of personal hygiene, but it also includes attention to keep all homes and workplaces, including sanitation, clean and germ free. Access to a hygienic environment is integrated in all our WASH and SRHR programmes.

Applications are closed.