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24 January 2017

US Executive order threatens the health and rights of women worldwide

Simavi recognises safe abortion as part of a comprehensive package for improving sexual reproductive health and rights that includes, amongst others comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and preventing unwanted pregnancies by increasing access to contraceptives. Safe abortion services and post-abortion care are essential elements of this package.

In recognition of the right of women to determine over their own health, and due to the adverse impact of unsafe abortion on reproductive health, Simavi is in favour of safe and legal abortion. Therefore, Simavi disapproves the executive order signed by president Trump yesterday. By reinstating the Global Gag Rule, the health and rights of women worldwide are under threat. This rule prohibits Civil Society Organisations receiving U.S. funding for programs if they provide, counsel, refer or advocate for abortion services.

Since 13% of maternal mortality is caused by unsafe abortion, and at least 5 million women end up in hospital with complications due to unsafe abortion, safe and legal abortion is necessary to improve reproductive health. Moreover, legal restriction of abortion does not result in fewer abortions.

Simavi works towards a healthy life for all and we believe that health is the first stepĀ out of poverty. Simavi aims to improve reproductive health and rights of women and girls in developing countries, particularly in the poorest areas.

We invite all CSOs, Governments and the International Community as a whole to oppose the Global Gag Rule and support the sexual reproductive health and rights of women worldwide.

Ariette Brouwer
Managing Director

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