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1 April 2019

The WASH Alliance International Week: Linking and learning between the WAI sub-programmes

By Simavi, partner of WASH Alliance International, for the WASH SDG Programme

From 25 to 29 of March, 5 Country Coordinators and 4 Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) officers from 5 countries came to Amsterdam to discuss the WASH Alliance International (WAI) sub-programmes under the WASH SDG Programme.


The WASH SDG programme is launched in 2017 by the Dutch WASH SDG consortium and responds to the Dutch commitment to contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6, that aims to reach an improved WASH situation for all. The WASH SDG Programme is implemented by a consortium of 3 partners: WAI[1], SNV and Plan Netherlands. As consortium partner, WAI is working in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda. After the programme was launched in 2017 and after an inception phase of 1 year, the implementation of the WASH SDG Programme started on 1st of July 2018.

The WAI week

The WASH Alliance International Week was the time that all country coordinators and MEL officers of the WAI sub-programmes came together and had the opportunity to share lessons and learnings from the country programmes. The main objective of the week was to:

  • Share information and experience between the Country Coordinators and MEL officers of the different WAI sub-programmes
  • Team building of the WAI team, making a closer link to the countries and the team in the Netherlands (including the TAB members)
  • Discussing key topics of the WASH SDG Programme, including sustainability compact, leverage, Climate Vulnerability and Resilience and Gender Equality and Social Inclusion


The week was enriching for all of us, to have the opportunity to share experiences between the different countries. Although we are implementing in different countries and context, there are elements we have in common. It was also a good moment to reflect on what makes us unique as WASH Alliance International: we work on sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene programmes using the FIETS sustainability approach (focusing on Financial, Institutional, Environmental, Technological and Social sustainability). At the same time, we are implementing the WASH SDG Programme where also cross-cutting themes need to be addressed, such as Gender and Social Inclusion and Climate Vulnerability and Resilience. Through thematic sessions, the participants had the chance to share experiences from the countries and see how we can improve on implementing on the cross cutting themes.

Furthermore we had the opportunity to link with the colleagues at Simavi & Amref offices. As the Country Coordinators and MEL officers work for either Simavi or Amref, this was a good moment to link to the head offices and colleagues of Simavi and Amref as well.

Key words describing the week by the participants where: Inspiring, informative, connecting, exciting, team-building, nice, cooperation, exchange. All of us have new energy to go back to our country programmes and focus on making our country programmes more efficient and effective!

© Simavi

[1] The WASH Alliance International consists of Simavi (lead), Amref Flying Doctors, Akvo, RAIN, WASTE, IRC, Wetlands, Practica and RUAF


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