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31 March 2016

New award granted to Simavi by Waterloo Foundation

We’re happy to announce that Simavi has been awarded a second grant by the Waterloo Foundation, a family foundation based in the United Kingdom.  The grant will support the ‘WASH and Learn!’ project in the Dodoma region of Tanzania.

With this support we can follow up on a project previously supported by Waterloo in the same region and build upon the results achieved with the first grant. In addition, we will assess whether the results of the previous project (implemented in neighbouring areas) have been sustained.

The overall objective of the ‘WASH & Learn!’ project is to provide sustainable integrated WASH services and encourage good, safe hygiene behaviour. Children are an important part of the project, which includes a school programme in the targeted communities – 38,000 people in seven villages in Kongwa and Mpwapwa districts that currently have limited access to water supply and sanitation facilities and limited awareness of good hygiene practices.

Sustainability is woven into the entire programme approach. For example, families are expected to pay for clean drinking water services, and a revolving loan fund has been established for families to build their own toilet and promote local entrepreneurship. All these elements fulfil a vision in which beneficiaries are no longer seen as mere recipients of development aid, but as citizens who play an active role in ensuring the ongoing delivery of WASH services.  This is much in line with the new strategic direction of Waterloo Foundation’s WASH programme.


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