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30 August 2017

What do you know about WASH Financing?

Together with IRC, Water.org and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Simavi developed a position paper on how to finance WASH and reducing inequities. How much do you know about solutions that can increase funds for the WASH sector, while at the same time reduce inequities? Test your knowledge with IRC’s fun quiz.

In April 2017, the position paper was submitted to the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Finance Ministers Meeting in Washington, DC. This position paper addresses three key issues that are receiving limited attention in the water and sanitation discussions on finance:

  1. The lack of finance for strengthening the enabling environment
  2. The untapped use of micro and blended finance
  3. The inequities in allocation of finance in the sector

Based on this position paper, IRC has now developed a quiz to test your knowledge about the latest innovations in WASH financing. Find out if you are a WASH financing genius, expert, enthusiast or novice! Start the quiz here.

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