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27 August 2015

Join our interactive talkshow ‘ABOUT A GIRL’

Simavi, as part of the SRHR Alliance, alongside the Youth Empowerment Alliance & OneWorld Love invites you for the interactive talkshow ‘ABOUT A GIRL’ on the 1st of September in the Humanity House, in the Hague.

The talkshow brings together Dutch politicians, government officials, scientists, civil society representatives engaged in SRHR and gender equality and our special guests: SRHR programme coordinators from different countries around the world such as Ghana, Malawi and Indonesia.

‘ABOUT A GIRL’ will highlight girls’ right to make choices about their own body and matters related to love, sexuality and health. The stories, the challenges girls face, the efforts made to overcome them and successes so far, will be discussed. The talkshow will be marked with a launch of a photo exhibition.

The exhibition contains stories from Uganda, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ghana. Young people from these countries captured the importance of access to Youth Friendly Services in a beautiful series of images. The Photo voice exhibition will be on until the 6th of October.

Take a look at the programme of the whole event and register here.

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