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17 May 2017

Golden Line (Going for Gold) programme annual report published

Together with Solidaridad and Healthy Entrepreneurs, Simavi has worked in the past year to set up the unique Going for Gold (GfG) programme and strengthen our partnership.  In May 2017, the consortium published the programma’s annual report. The report highlights achievements, challenges, key findings and reflections from the GfG baseline study and lessons learned.

Over the course of the year, we have built a good synergy between the partners (both consortium partners and external parties) and have, in particular, sharpened their understanding of the needs of women in mining communities.  We are proud of having a solid ToC which is based on both exist-ing evidence as well as a thorough analysis conducted in the mines and mining communities. By setting up a programme team and a steering committee we have ensured that we have a stable decision making structure in place to allow for smooth programme implementation.

Towards the end of 2016, kick-off meetings were held in both countries to officially launch the Going for Gold Programme. The sessions were attended by government Ministers and staff, health service representatives, academics, NGO stakeholders and community members. The programme was received with enthusiasm by all parties and the events were covered in the national press.

The focus on women’s economic empowerment in and around artisanal and small-scale gold mines has attracted the attention of policymakers and businesses in Europe. We are participating in the working group on gender and mining initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and are exploring opportunities for impact investment models with leading companies.

Over the last year, we have gained added recognition and appreciation for the potential our multidisciplinary approach brings. We have firmly embedded women-centred programming at the heart of our approach and recognise the expertise and networks that each party brings to the table. The consortium can tap into a wide range of professionals from different disciplines, leading to shared learning and strong concepts.

Want to learn more of what we are proud of? And the challenges we have faced? Please read the whole report here. Our achievements, challenges, baseline findings and reflections, and our ToC validity are captured in the Going for Gold annual report 2016.


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