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9 February 2017

Dutch Postcode Lottery grants Simavi 900,000 euros

During the annual Dutch Postcode Lottery charity gala (Goed Geld Gala) on February 6, the Dutch Postcode Lottery announced that Simavi will be receiving a grant of 900,000 euros in 2017.

We thank the Dutch Postcode Lottery and its particpants for their support and recognition of our work. We will use this fund to continue working towards a healthy life for all. Good health is the basis of everything. People can only go to school, work and contribute positively to their community, when they’re healthy.

This big charity event in the Netherlands, took place in the Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam with former U.S. President Bill Clinton and John Dennis Liu, film-maker and ecologist, as guests of honor. The Dutch Postcode Lottery proudly announced that a record amount of 341 million euro be distributed to 110 non-governmental organisations in 2017.

The Postcode Lottery has been raising funds since 1989 to support organisations working towards a fairer and greener world. Fifty percent of the lottery’s annual turnover goes to charity. The lottery has steadily grown to become the biggest charity lottery in the Netherlands and is the third largest private charity donor in the world.

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