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15 August 2017

How can we revitalise decentralised wastewater treatment plants in Nepal?

Join us at our poster presentation during the session on smart solutions in water and waste management for liveable cities.

Date:  Wednesday August 30
Time: 9.00- 10.30

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) have popularity as an alternative to centralized wastewater treatment systems. The principle of decentralization -lower maintenance, minimal/no electricity, resource recovery through biogas and simple management- has spurred the interest in these systems in Nepal. In this context, the authors present an integrated analysis of the functionality of wastewater treatment plants installed in Kathmandu Valley, in order to understand the factors that affect its functionality and management and design frameworks that allow long-term sustainability.

The introduction of DEWATS in Nepal has facilitated improved environmental conditions and usage of biogas and sludge. However, problems persist in sustainability and management. A possible solution to this challenge, presented in the study (November 2015), is the consideration of a multi-stakeholder approach and the inclusion of private sector management.

Please find more information here or email Susanne Shatanawi for a meet up.

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