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15 August 2017

How can microfinance be used to expand access to sanitation in high-interest rate environments?

Join us at the table discussion on critical questions like this, during the session on private finance and equitable delivery of WASH services.

Date: Thursday August 30
Time: 11.00 – 12.30

Achieving the water SDGs will undeniably call for raising more financing for the water sector. All existing funding and financing sources will need to be mobilized, including funding from tariffs or public taxes and international transfers. But unless we see a paradigm shift in the sector, by which more commercial finance is mobilized, achieving the SDGs will be difficult for lack of available financing. While there has been much discussion on the need to raise commercial finance in the water sector, there has been limited discussion on how this can be achieved whilst preserving affordability.

This session highlights key questions that need to be addressed to move from concept to reality in terms of securing domestic private finance and presents specific solutions.  It also examines how blending concessional and commercial finance can help expand services and better provide services to all customers.

Please find more information here or email Tim Sutton for a meet up.


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