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7 June 2017

Bridging national and international advocacy with the Universal Periodic Review

Strengthening the capacity of our local and national partners is a key part of our Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Lobby and Advocacy strategy. To do this we provide these partners with assistance and tools that empower them to gather evidence that can raise awareness of the local SRHR situation at national, regional and international level. One of these invaluable tools is the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

The UPR is a unique process that involves a review of the human rights records of every UN member state. This human rights system is driven by each state under the auspices of the Human Rights Council, which provides the opportunity for each state to declare what actions they have taken to improve the human rights situations in their countries and fulfil their human rights obligations. As one of the main features of the Council, the UPR is designed to ensure equal treatment for every country when their human rights ​situations are assessed.


Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) like Simavi have many opportunities to take part and influence the UPR process. For example, they can: participate in the national consultations held by the State under Review; send information on the human rights situation in a country; lobby members of the Working Group; take the floor at the Human Rights Council during the adoption of the report; monitor and participate in the implementation by the State under Review of the UPR recommendations.

In 2016 we focused on strengthening the capacity of a number of our partners to be able to use the UPR in order to advocate for recognition of SRHR as a universal human right that should be respected, protected and fulfilled. The in-country technical assistance that we provide to partners gives a better understanding of the human rights linked to SRHR, as well the more procedural part of engaging as an advocate in this international space. By creating a bridge between the work being done in county by our partners and the national governments who should helping them, we hope that governmental obligations will be honoured, now and in the future.


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