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28 May 2018


You drop your bag and before you know it, your tampons roll across the floor for everyone to see. Do you feel ashamed?
Maybe not, but if so, you will be surprised of how many women are still ashamed of their menstruation. Even in the Netherlands we do not always talk about it openly. We hide our tampons or sanitary napkins, secretly go to the toilet and pretend nothing is wrong. While your period is the most normal thing in the world.

If in a progressive society like ours there is so much shame about something that every woman goes through, you can probably imagine how big the challenge for women in developing countries must be. The taboo surrounding menstruation has serious consequences for the lives and development of these women.

On May 28, duringĀ Menstrual Hygiene Day, Simavi, Rutgers and WomenOnWings will create awareness about the situation of women in developing countries. Because only by being open about menstruation we will break the worldwide taboo and we go beyond shame.

Help us to end this taboo and continue reading on our campaign page!

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