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20 August 2015

15 years old and pregnant in Ghana

This week Simavi’s work on safe pregnancies has been showcased in a photo-reportage in the Dutch quality newspaper de Volkskrant. “Antenatal care, midwifery care and postnatal support in Ghana is free, but not always readily available.”

Beginning of August photographer Raymond Rutting visited the projects in northern Ghana that we implement with our partners NPHS and Intagrad. De Volkskrant shows a first selection of his work.

“In particular tribes in the Upper East Region it is normal practice for girls, after their first menstruation, to be married off. Often these girls give birth to their first child when they are 14 or 15.” Simavi is working in small health centres to ensure all women have access to professional care before, during and after childbirth in order to reduce maternal and child mortality rates. “Many women only receive support from traditional birth attendants who have no medical background and who are not equipped to deal with complications.”

From Friday 30 October these pictures and pictures on other themes that Simavi is addressing, will be exhibited in the exhibition room ‘De Gang’ in Haarlem.

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