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WEDC: An International Conference working towards sustainable and resilient WASH services

From the 9th till the 13th of July (2018), the 41st WEDC International Conference will take place in Nakuru, Kenya. WEDC stands for Water, Engineering and Development Centre and is a well-known research organization that fabricates relevant knowledge and capacity in relation to water and sanitation, specifically for low- and middle-income countries. With more than 400 participants from research, practice and policy communities across more than 40 countries, this is truly a unique international event.

The conference is a valued and respected platform for reflection, debate and exchange of knowledge and ideas that are rooted in practice.┬áThis years’ topic will focus on the transformation towards sustainable and resilient wash services. Simavi will be present as well, representing its partnership with Watershed and the WASH & Learn programme.

The conference has a focus directly to sustainable development goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Closely linked is how governments handle social accountability as mechanism for leaving no one behind. Hereby, the role for civil societies is very important.

About Watershed and WASH & Learn

Watershed empowers citizens and aims for national accountability mechanisms for SDG 6 in Kenya. Relevant actors in Kenya, especially CSOs, are stimulated in holding both the national and county government responsible for the achievement of its SDG 6 targets and commitments. Kenya has made tremendous progress in enabling participation for CSOs and other sector actors in the accountability processes. However, there are still many goals to be achieved in regard to safe and sustainable drinking water and sanitation access in Kenya.

WASH & Learn will use an integrated WASH approach to work on water supply, sanitation and hygiene behavior improvements. Increased access to and, adoption of, WASH facilities will lead to progress in basic health, school attendance and the school performances of children in the selected areas. Hereby, there basic health improves significantly, while also empowering communities so they can continue to improve their own situation.



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