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Strategic Partnership with Dutch Ministry

Together with leading partner IRCWetlands International and Akvo we proposed the WASH IT! programme to work on improving governance of access to water and sanitation. Our consortium is ready for this 5 year partnership with the Minister and implement a joint lobby and advocacy programme that aims to improve access to water and sanitation services .


Our comprehensive lobby and advocacy programme will enhance the interplay between the most important WASH stakeholders at local, national and international levels. Civil society, governments and private sector have an important role to play in strengthening governance so that poor and marginalised people will receive the services that they are entitled to.

Focus on civil society

 We will enable civil society organisations in ten developing countries (to be selected) to hold governments to account, using data and evidence. These communities will be guided in entering into dialogue with their governments on their duty to deliver sustainable water and sanitation services to everyone. Our consortium will also support civil society organisations to  represent citizen’s voices and advocate for more transparent  planning and budgeting of water and sanitation services.

In addition, we will work with international CSOs to exert public pressure on governments and donors to respect the human right to water and sanitation and increase WASH investments in a jointly coordinated way.

The Ministry especially appreciated the programme’s innovative approach of combining WASH and integrated water resource management.

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