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22 January 2018

Simavi appoints new chairman of supervisory board

On January 1st 2018  Michiel de Wilde was appointed as the new Chairman of Simavi’s Supervisory Board. He replaces Maria Marten, who was a dedicated and highly active Chairwoman for Simavi over the last eight years. The Supervisory Board, and Simavi’s managing director Ariette Brouwer, are very pleased to nominate Michiel as her replacement.

Michiel de Wilde

Michiel has been a member of Simavi’s supervisory board since November 2014 and has played an active role for Simavi in the last three years. He is also managing director of the Goldschmeding Foundation. Michiel is looking forward to implementing his skills and wide experience in order to further develop new strategies and ambitions for Simavi together with members of the Supervisory Board and Simavi’s employees.

Michiel de Wilde: “Simavi’s new strategy and direction is challenging and innovative. I’m looking forward to seeing how the organisation, employees, different target groups and local partners deal with this new direction.”

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