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12 July 2019

Simavi and our partners are at Stockholm World Water Week 2019!

In the fourth year of implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the 2019 World Water Week addresses the basic objective of this agenda to secure inclusive and sustainable development for all people in all countries.  “The UN is focusing on “no one left behind” as the theme for the 2019 World Water Day and World Water Development Report. In Stockholm, we are aligning this 2019 Thematic Scope with that theme, broadened to the wider perspective of inclusion.


We create the space for women and girls to pursue a healthy life. We believe in: ‘leave no one behind’. Even more so, we believe investing in women and girls’ health is instrumental in improving the lives of entire communities. Simavi works side-by-side with women to create the best possible conditions for them in terms of WASH and SRHR. Come and talk to us to share tactics, create partnerships and strengthen each other’s ideas! We are in booth C10.

During our sessions and side events, you will be able to see what we do, why we do what we do and how we do it  – together with our partners and including the women and girls we work for.

Come join us on Sunday for instance, for our session ‘Women and Youth: living apart together – barriers to social inclusion’.  Or stop by our showcase ‘ Walking the talk’ on Tuesday where we will share our experience assessing gender equality and social inclusion before the start of a programme. And there is much more: check out our full schedule below.



25-29 August 2019

Reaching the last mile – booth C10Sun-FriSimavi, RWSN, Water Mission, Navaza
Including all: participatory approaches in water governance and programmesSun9:00-10:30Simavi, Watershed (IRC, Wetlands), DORP, KWAHO, RWSN
Women and youth: Living apart together- “Barriers to inclusion: insights from Bangladesh, Nepal and Uganda”Sun11:00-12:30
Mobilising national and local governments for human rights to WASHSun16:00-17:30MRR consortium: Simavi, WASH United, Wateraid, UST-ISF, RWSN+ DORP
Using revolving funds as catalyst to accelerate self-supply in BangladeshSun
CSO, change makers and allies with government in reaching SDG6Mon16:00-17:30Simavi, IRC
Walking the talk: integrating gender and social inclusion from startTue12:00-12:45Simavi, Amref, SNV, Plan International Netherlands
Women WASH Entrepreneurship: Barriers and Opportunities in BangladeshTue
Monitoring public financial flows and influencing pro-poor budgetsTue16:00-17:30Simavi, IRC, DORP, RWSN
Sanitation for all: “Inclusive and Gender Responsive WASH budget Monitoring Tools in Bangladesh”Wed14:00-15:30
Outside our comfort zone: cross-sector integration for inclusive WASHWed16:00-17:30Simavi, Wateraid, SNV
Power of Self-Assessment – Triggering Action for WASH in SchoolsThursday16:00-17:30Simavi, GIZ, WIN, DORP, HEWASA, GTO, Swiss Water and Sanitation Consortium, Terre des Hommes and others
Mentorship: tool to enhance (female) youth participation in the sectorTBCSimavi, RWSN, YEP, Women for Water, WYN


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