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29 July 2015

1925: the year when it all started

In 1924 doctor H. Bervoets decided, after working in the Northern area of Middle Java, to take leave in the Netherlands. He spoke with Johannes van der Spek, doctor and pastor, about the work in the East whereby there was insufficient funds to provide an adequate supply of instruments, medicines and bandages. Other missionary doctors were experiencing the same problem; a doctor requires a lot more equipment than a pastor.

As a result, in 1925, Van der Spek and Bervoets brought to life the medical help organization with a board made up of key doctors such as dr. Ariëns Kappers, Colenbrander, Hovy, Swellengrebel and Waardenburg. The collection of funds began immediately. Simavi was born –‘Steun in Medische Aangelegenheden voor Inlanders’ (Support in Medical Affairs for Natives).

For a broad history please visit our Dutch website (please not that the information is written in Dutch)

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