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Monitoring and evaluation of results

Simavi developed a Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) system for all of our programmes. This results monitoring framework is based on our Theory of Change (ToC), and indicators for short and long-term results are defined for each of the ToC’s pillars: 1) Empowered communities, 2) Enabling environment and 3) Sustainable services.

Indicators are set for each level of accomplishment (output, outcome and long-term outcomes). Units (number of people, facilities, etc.) and the frequency of measurement (every year, two years or at the beginning and end of a programme) are also provided.

Our PM&E takes the following points into consideration:

  • The WASH and SRHR specifications;
  • The PME capacity of our partner organisations (which is often limited);
  • The diversity of projects and programmes in terms of size, scope and strategy;
  • The need to find a realistic balance between the existing portfolio of programmes and an ideal/future portfolio;
  • The implications monitoring decisions would have on workload, collaboration with partner organisations and organisations with whom we co-implement our programmes.

 Comprehensive monitoring

We track all these indicators in a Planning and Reporting module in our database. This ensures a coherent and comprehensive monitoring system. We monitor progress (in terms of Simavi results) for each of our contracts with a partner organisation, which enables us to assess the contribution of every project and programme to our overall results. This means we can present Simavi’s achievements at programme, as well as organisational, level.


While we continuously monitor all our projects and programmes, we also evaluate our multi-year programmes at their conclusion – and in the case of bigger programmes, at the halfway point too. These evaluations look into a programme’s relevance, coherence, efficiency, effectiveness and impact. The results of these evaluations are published in our annual report.


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