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10 April 2015

Advocacy for a comprehensive approach towards SRHR

In addition to the importance of active participation of young people, Simavi will advocate in the CPD for a comprehensive approach towards SRHR. To ensure sustainable, long lasting change, SRHR interventions need to 1) Educate and empower communities; 2) Create an enabling environment where the government and private sector are involved and act according their roles and responsibilities; 3) Enhance the availability and use of SRHR services. Our experience shows that lasting change is only created when these three pathways of change are worked on simultaneously.


The comprehensive approach we advocate includes comprehensive sexuality education as well as the full range of SRHR services for each and every person: Quality maternity care, including safe childbirth, antenatal and postnatal care; access to contraception regardless of age or marital status; safe abortions; post abortion care; STI/HIV prevention; the care and treatment of HIV/AIDS; and services to ensure proper menstrual hygiene management.

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