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22 January 2018

Little Did I Know: 5 Ways How You Can Contribute To Simavi’s Cause

How did you kick off your 2018? Most likely there are some reflections made and some resolutions set. Yes, we’ve all been there. We make resolutions in the beginning of the year and then somehow they always end up on the I-must-do-this-next-year list. It’s certainly laudable to try to better yourself, but maybe try fine-tuning your thoughts a little bit this year? Make only one resolution  – no matter what goals you want to achieve, focus on the intention rather than outcome. In light of this, here are 5 ideas to make an impact on the cause you care about.

Be our ambassador at your fingertips

Health is the first step out of poverty and Simavi tackles this issue from different angles. Just to name a few – children, youth, women; water, sanitation, sexual and reproductive rights; capacity building, advocacy, awareness raising. Pick one topic that you are particularly interested in and share it with friends and family on social media or at your next ‘borrel time’!

Go see the world and understand different cultures

When it comes to developing countries, the only image you can search from your mind library is probably media footages, which don’t necessarily represent the whole picture. Wherever your next holiday destination is, just stay open-minded and pay more attention to how local culture influences people’s life. An alternative way to see the world and challenges some communities are facing? Just move your mouse on our Worldmap and explore our works around the world.

Keep the ideas that come to you in the shower

Run a marathon, throw a theme party, shave your hair. Turn every idea of yours into a crowdfunding campaign for the cause. Whether the challenge is easy or difficult, individual or team-based, as long as you enjoy the fun. We have seen some brilliant ideas on our Kom in actie page. Get inspired and start your own action in three easy steps!

Volunteer your time and skills

Although It is surely comforting to just stay in and flip through the curated lists on your Netflix after work or on weekends, there are also other rewarding ways to spend your spare time on a regular basis. Volunteer work is a great one, especially in terms of getting to know people and contributing your skills in a different setting. Simavi is often looking for new volunteers. Stay up to date about our volunteer opportunities at Simavi’s head quarter.

Donate by surfing the internet

Sounds perfect, isn’t it? And you don’t even need to pay for your donation! Simavi partners with Goodr, a platform allowing users to donate without actually paying. Simply install the free extension on your browser and keep doing what you always do, surfing the internet. The advertisements you see will automatically yield donation for the charity you choose. 90% of the ad revenue goes to the chosen cause and Goodr keeps 10% to keep the platform running.

At Simavi, we are dedicated to working towards a healthy life for all and we believe that behavioural change is the key. You can learn more about our programmes here.


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