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18 July 2019

Leave no one behind: Simavi in Stockholm

Four years ago, the Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by 193 countries. These goals aim to secure inclusive and sustainable development for all people in all countries. The UN has translated these goals into the theme for this year’s World Water Day and for its World Water Development Report: “Leaving no one behind”. In the footsteps of the UN, the theme of this year’s Stockholm World Water Week, organized by SIWI, is “Water for society – Including all”. Simavi is joining the hundreds of international organisations, agencies and governments at this conference in August.

For Simavi, the themes above are ingrained in our daily work. We work towards a healthy life for all. This means we strive towards a world in which everyone is able to pursue a healthy life, including women and girls. Even more so, we believe investing in women and girls’ health is instrumental in improving the lives of entire communities.

Inclusion for Simavi also means we include women in our approach: we work women-centred, and women’s views are leading in the work we do. Our rights-based approach means by definition that everyone is included and entitled to the same rights: human rights (such as the right to water) are rights given to a person simply because he or she is human, meaning no one can ever be excluded.

In Stockholm, we will showcase our work on these themes. You will be able to see what we do, why we do what we do and how we do it  – together with our partners and including the women and girls we work for.

Come join us on Sunday for instance, for our session ‘Women and Youth: living apart together – barriers to social inclusion’.  Or stop by our showcase ‘ Walking the talk’ on Tuesday where we will share our experience assessing gender equality and social inclusion before the start of a programme. And there is much more: check out our full schedule!

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