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Institutional WASH in the spotlight for Sustainable Development Goals

On December 4th and 5th  2014 the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Steering Committee will meet in the Netherlands to discuss, among other things, the role they will play in the further development of the Sustainable Development Goals. In cooperation with NWP, IRC and DGIS, Simavi will take this opportunity to hold an informal networking event  on December 4th 2014.

This event provides a chance for the Dutch WASH sector and the SWA Steering Committee to meet each other in an informal setting. Moreover, it is a chance to highlight issues that both parties find of key importance.

Sustainable Development Goals

Next year the Millennium Development Goals will come to an end and their successors will be finalised: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Although water has a central role in the SDGs, other key themes such as focusing on WASH in schools, health care facilities and workplaces (institutional WASH) have not yet been acknowledged in these new goals. This event is an important moment to emphasize the added value of institutional WASH.

Together with IRC we wrote a two-pager explaining the need of WASH in schools, health centres and at the workplace, including key facts and indicators. We will ask SWA to take these further. You can read the two-pager here.

Added value of institutional WASH

 Access to WASH facilities at home is simply not enough to realise behavioural change and sustainable impact. The availability of WASH facilities at school and work places is of critical importance. People should be able to learn and work in a healthy and safe environment. In addition, the availability of WASH facilities at health care facilities are fundamental to create a hygienic environment and prevent infections or other diseases.

Moderation case studies

Under the facilitation of Charles Groenhuijsen a number of short case studies will be presented by representatives of NGOs and the private sector to demonstrate the innovative ways that they have focused on WASH in schools, health care facilities and the workplace.

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