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Innovative entrepreneurship in Uganda: ‘Healthy Business, Healthy Lives’

By the end of December, Simavi was granted support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) for a special project:  ‘Healthy Business, Healthy Lives’.  Simavi is glad and proud to receive this opportunity to structurally improve access to sexual reproductive health information and products in Kibaale District in Uganda.

Although health infrastructure has improved in Uganda, the population still suffers from ill health due to a lack of good quality medication and inadequate services and information on both reproductive health as well as poverty related diseases. Prices fluctuate, quality is lacking and continuous supply absent.

Local health entrepreneurs

In the this project Simavi joins forces with social business Healthy Entrepreneurs, Emesco Development Foundation and Kibaale District Health Office. We will establish an innovative business model to improve the supply of essential high quality medicines and health products.

A selection of local community health workers and accredited drug shop owners will be trained as entrepreneurs to conduct outreach health promotion and offer a wide range of reliable and affordable quality health commodities at village level.

Portable pharmacy and e-health

The local entrepreneurs will be equipped with an electronic tablet and essential medical kit. This portable pharmacy includes high quality medicines and other livelihood products for fixed prices, such as contraceptives, condoms, sanitary towels and soap.

Via innovative e-health applications they can provide interactive health information on various topics, such as safe motherhood, sexuality, HIV/Aids and malaria. The project will come up with a range of e-health applications in local language with information, counselling and referral options.


After the 2-year pilot we aim to have sustainably improved access to information, commodities and affordable medication for 150.000 people in the Kibaale District in Uganda. We envisage to scale up this project to other districts as well and potentially replicate it in other countries

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