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Innovative approach: saving lives at birth

Check2gether is an innovation which aims to provide women in rural remote areas access to quality Antenatal Care (ANC) services. It contains a testing kit to ensure early diagnosis of high risk pregnancies.

Pregnant women in the countries Simavi works, face several barriers to access to ANC services, because of the distance, the opportunity costs involved, the lack of quality staff and equipment and the lack of awareness. This results in a high Maternal Mortality Rates (MMR).

InĀ  Nusa Tenggara Tengah, a province in the Eastern part of Indonesia there were 133 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2015, compared to the national average of 126.


This is how Check2gether works:

  • Check2gether consists of a comprehensive non-invasive testing kit that incorporates BP measurement, HB and protein glucose in urine tests. The mobile application ensures in-time, direct, informed diagnosis, allowing midwives to immediately interpret the results and identify women at risk of (pre-) eclampsia, gestational diabetes and anemia. Quantitative data on user statistics, diagnosis, treatment, and referral can be entered in the App, to allow patient follow-up and monitoring of health outcomes.
  • The kit can be carried easily by the midwives. The non-invasive character of the tests ensures that they can be performed safely in any context during outreach services, which would otherwise be unavailable at this level of care. Women in remote rural areas that cannot access health center for timely ANC because of lack of financial means, distance or lack of awareness can benefit of quality ANC near their homes.

Check2gether has been piloted successfully in Ghana and is expected to be adapted to the Indonesian context soon.


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