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The scaling-up and innovation of Simavi’s work is vital if we are to realise our mission: a healthy life for all. For this reason, we actively explore new funding possibilities for our programmes and invest in innovative initiatives.

We work with private, public and research partners to ensure the progress and results of our interventions can be tracked. Together we provide innovative and sustainable health solutions to realise structural change.

Here a few examples of our successful innovation programmes:

Innovative entrepreneurship in Uganda: Healthy business, Healthy Lives
Simavi and Health Entrepreneurs developed an innovative business model to improve the supply of essential high quality medicines and health products. A selection of local community health workers and accredited pharmacy owners will be trained by Simavi to conduct outreach health promotion and offer a wide range of reliable and affordable quality health commodities at village level. We will equip these local entrepreneurs with an electronic tablet and essential medical kit.

A unique programme in which uses the power of football to teach children about health, hygiene and other important life lessons.

Football for Water in Kenya and Ghana

A programme in which the worlds of football and WASH team up to improve the health situation of primary school children and their families. The combination of football-based life skills education with integrated WASH solutions improves living conditions and results in long-lasting behavioural change. Simavi’s role is to provide safe drinking water and sanitation in the communities.



Ecological sanitary pads in India and in Bangladesh

Simavi and TNO developed a business case on biodegradable sanitary napkins. Simavi embeds this technology in hygiene training and awareness to improve the menstruation related wellbeing of women. The napkins are a more hygienic solution that is also environmentally friendly.


Peepoo is a single-use, self-sanitising and biodegradable toilet that turns into fertiliser after one month.

PeePoo business model in Kenya
The Peepoo system is a new way of solving one of the world´s biggest problems: the lack of sanitation. These bags provide a user and environment-friendly sanitation solution that is deployed in humanitarian relief responses all over the world, as well as slums in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.




Portable detection device to reduce maternal mortality in Ghana
Together with Cordaid and Dutch research institute TNO, Simavi will start a new project to increase quality of, and access to, antennal care in the rural parts of Northern Ghana. Bliss4Midwives integrates multiple relevant diagnostic tests in one, easy to use device, for a timely detection of diseases during pregnancy. The test results are shown in a mobile app that advises the midwife what action to take.

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