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Hygiene, an integrated part of our work

hygieneHygiene is the theme that unites all the work we do. It is about maintaining people’s dignity. It is necessary to live a healthy life. The explicit reference to hygiene in Sustainable Development Goal 6, target 6.2, represents the increasing recognition of the importance of hygiene.

Our expertise in hygiene has been developed and integrated in all our WASH and SRHR programmes, with a particular focus on women and their needs for safe water, dignified sanitary and hand washing services, to maintain their bodily integrity, menstrual health and maternal health.

“Clean water and sanitation are not only about hygiene and disease, they’re about dignity, too.… Everyone, and that means ALL the people in the world, has the right to a healthy life and a life with dignity.“ – King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands – During his time as Chair of the UN Secretary General Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation (UNSGAB)


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