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1 September 2015

Great news: two new SRHR programmes granted!

On Monday August 31, Simavi received great news from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have been awarded grants within two partnerships to implement two substantial new Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SHRH) programmes between 2016 and 2020.

SRHR Alliance will continue

We are very happy that, as one of the SRHR Alliance partners, we are able to continue our joint work improving SRHR for young people. Together with Rutgers (lead), Choice, dance4life, IPPF and Aidsfonds, we will build on our successes and lessons learned over the past five years from the ASK and UFBR programmes. Within the “Get Up, Stand Up: for your rights” programme we will work together towards ensuring that all young people, especially girls and young women, are empowered to realise their SRHR.

More than Brides’ Alliance

Together with Save the Children (lead), Oxfam and Population Council we will team up as the “More than Brides” Alliance to combat child marriage. Child marriage is a violation of children’s rights to health, protection, and bodily integrity, and impedes sustainable development. Tackling child marriage is critical to reducing maternal and child mortality. We will work on empowering at-risk and already married adolescents – girls in particular – with life skills education, comprehensive sexuality education and SRHR information. We will work with communities to identify alternatives to child marriage and mitigate the impact on married girls. We will increase access to affordable, acceptable and appropriate SRHR services for young people. And we will challenge harmful customs, traditions, norms and practices is crucial in addressing child marriage.

We are very proud of receiving these grants and are looking forward to working together with our partners and the Ministry in the coming years. Together we can make a difference in the lives of young people, especially girls. If young people stay healthy, avoid unwanted pregnancy and realise their SRHR, they are able to lead productive lives and access economic opportunities. Or, as we say: Health is the first step out of poverty.

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