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Case studies on institutional WASH

On December 4th, Simavi together with IRC, NWP and DGIS hosted an informal side event at The Hague, where the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Steering Committee met the Dutch WASH sector. A number of short case studies were presented, highlighting the importance of WASH in schools, health facilities and at the workplace.

We urge for a stand-alone goal for water and sanitation in the Sustainable Development Goals, including institutional WASH. Together with IRC we wrote a two-pager explaining the need of WASH in schools, health centres and at the workplace, including key facts and indicators. You can read the two-pager here.

WASH in schools

Access to WASH facilities at home is simply not enough to achieve complete behavioural change and sustainable impact. The availability of WASH facilities at schools for both students and teachers is of critical importance, especially for girls at menstruating age.

Patrick Moriarty, CEO of IRC presented: Menstrual Hygiene Management Project.
Watch the movie or download the pdf.

Johan van Geijn, Manager International Projects at Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) and Aron Winter, World Coaches ambassador presented: Football for Water.
Watch the movie or download the pdf.

Camilla Wirseen, Project Director PeePoople and Arnold Omondi, General Manager of PeePoople Kenya presented: PeePoo School Programme.
Watch the movie or download the pdf.

WASH in health centres

As important is the availability of WASH facilities at hospitals, health centres and clinics, as this is key to preventing infections and other diseases.

Ewout van Galen, Director Programmes at Simavi, presented: Upgrading Health Facilities.
Watch the movie or download the pdf.

WASH at the workplace

The availability of WASH facilities in the workplace is fundamental so that people are able to work in a healthy and safe environment; a requisite for sustainable economic development.

Joost Notenboom of WBCSD and Dibalok Singha, CEO at DSK presented: Pledge for access to safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene at the Workplace.
Download the pdf.

Take a look at this photo and film impression of the evening

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