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19 May 2016

An interview with Ariette Brouwer in Management Scope

This month Simavi’s managing director, Ariette Brouwer was interviewed for Management Scope magazine. Here are some highlights from the text that give a few insights into her background and where she wants to take Simavi in the future.

As Ariette was used to working in a corporate environment, life in a NGO took a bit of getting used to at first. However, her extensive corporate and management experience is already proving extremely valuable for Simavi.

“Adding meaning is, and stays, my main focus”

Ariette began her career in 1997 at SCA and started working in social responsibility in 2009. When she felt that social aspiration seemed less important within the organisation, she looked for a place where it was front and central. Now that she’s at Simavi, her management experience has helped organise the organisation in a more professional way, while her networking capabilities have forged stronger links with corporate partners.

“It’s only when you’re healthy that you can work on self-development and economic growth. So if we do our job first, then it gets interesting for businesses later on.”

 Thanks to the grants and funds that Simavi has recently received, we can continue to work on towards our goal of structurally improving basic health in Asia and Africa by 2020. To achieve this, we need to have a clear vision and strategy – and Ariette has the right balance of soft and hard skills to help Simavi succeed.  She can help us forge ahead with the soft aspiration of creating a better life for millions of people on one hand, and take responsibility for the hard skills of taking decisions and giving strategic direction on the other. Her combination of expertises will help Simavi to grow in the future and keep track of our mission on the way.

Please read the full interview here.

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