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SRHR Advocacy

 Advocacy is an integral part of Simavi’s Theory of Change. This involves holding local, regional and national governments accountable, advocating for budget, policy or legal changes and engaging in international networks with our partners.

Simavi is a leading player in SRHR advocacy. In collaboration with the Dutch SRHR Alliance, Simavi reaches out to Dutch members of parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to advocate SRHR remaining a policy priority. Activities include advocacy for political and financial support and a strong Dutch position in international processes (CSW, CPD), including the post-2015 development agenda. National communication campaigns have been instrumental in generating public support in the Netherlands, as well as an instrument of support for advocating the Dutch parliament for a sustained commitment to SRHR.

The ICPD Beyond 2014 Review process was crucial to the future recognition of SRHR in international development. Therefore, Simavi advocates for the outcome of this process to be fed into the post-2015 development agenda.

In all our international advocacy we work closely with Southern partners, as we believe it is essential to ensure their perspectives are included and their governments are targeted. This collaboration includes capacity building, joint strategizing and financial support for attending relevant international conferences. Simavi has linked its partners to existing international SRHR advocacy networks, through which joint advocacy also takes place.

Finally, we work with and support our partners in holding their governments accountable when translating commitments into policies, laws and investments.



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