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We develop programmes using modern technologies and working with different partners to increase our impact and scale.

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Tyler McMahon is founder and international advisor at SmartPaani, a company formed by experienced technicians, researchers, and businessmen, to provide eco-friendly and economical solutions to water issues in Nepal. SmartPaani designs water systems for new or existing homes that can reduce water requirement from the municipal, groundwater, or tanker water market supply by 50-70 percent a year.

3 Questions

Joost van Engen (41) is co-founder of Healthy Entrepreneurs, a social enterprise focused on business development with a social impact. They aim to distribute proven, reliable health and impact products as well as health information to enhance the health and quality of life of people in the developing world. Together with Simavi, they will establish an innovative business model in Uganda: Healthy Business, Healthy Lives.

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