Other ways of giving

Are you considering contributing to Simavi's work by means of a one-time or recurring donation or gift?

Your donation can have a major impact. Based on your personal motives, we’re happy to discuss your involvement to make sure it’s relevant to the themes that are important to you!

Your donation can have an impact

In a personal meeting we can explain how you can donate to Simavi, and what difference your donation will make. This is how we can work together on a healthy future for women and girls, and really make an impact.

We’re more than happy to connect you to a dedicated relationship manager. We can make a personal appointment to discuss your preferences and various donation options.

Contribute directly to the WASH & Learn project

Are water and access to safe toilets important issues to you? A large donation can contribute directly to the WASH & Learn project. In this project we improve water, toilets and hygiene facilities for girls in schools, and we create awareness around these themes.

You could also contribute directly to our educational project in the Netherlands Walking for Water. This project supports WASH & Learn, and thousands of children between the ages of 6 and 12 years in the Netherlands learn about the global water problem in a dynamic way.

Contribute directly to the Ritu project

Are innovation or menstrual health important themes to you? The Ritu project focuses on improving the hygiene and well-being of school girls during their period. They are provided with clear information about hygiene and menstruation and they get access to suitable toilets. This project has also resulted in the development of an innovative biodegradable sanitary napkin.

Want to know more about other ways of giving? Our relationship manager Fernando van der Brug looks forward to helping you!

Fernando van der Brug
Fernando van der Brug

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