Milestone: 95 years Simavi and a brand new Film Festival

Article: 07.11.20, Amsterdam, Sabine Brusse

The year 2020 was a milestone for Simavi: it was our 95 year anniversary. A big event was planned to engage our important stakeholders with our work, our history and future plans. Like so many others, this event was cancelled. A virtual alternative did not meet our objectives, and more importantly, in the first half of the year the number of virtual meetings and get-togethers reached – let’s say – epidemic proportions. We challenged ourselves to find an innovative way to engage our stakeholders and raise even more awareness and enthusiasm for the work of Simavi. This resulted in HER Film Festival.

Update: HER Film Festival will be back in 2021!

HER Film Festival

Together with our partner Cinetree, a quality film streaming platform, we curated a film programme that showcases and celebrates women worldwide. The films were available on a special online platform, free of charge, for the Dutch public. Besides the headlining films, we hosted online discussions about relevant topics, such as the history of women's rights and the importance of storytelling. The first edition was a big success. We reached more than 4 million people through the press and social media and attracted more than 30,000 visitors. Through follow-up efforts by e-mail and telephone, more than 200 of these visitors became structural donors.

  • 29 October to 6 November 2020
  • Celebrating women worldwide
  • Seven headliners (titles)
  • Live Q&As with experts
  • The premiere of Her Story, My Story
  • 100% Corona-proof

"With HER Film Festival we wanted to make it clear, in an accessible way, why Simavi invests in girls and women worldwide, celebrating their rights and potential. This gave us the opportunity to showcase beautiful stories from all over the world, speaking right to people's hearts."

– Sabine Brussse, Senior Communication Adviser at Simavi

Hannah Verboom Founder of Cinetree
"‘I am extremely proud that we have launched a festival that is truly about the power of women. The programme was exciting and interesting, with films and documentaries telling the story of women full of strength and optimism."

Second edition

Good news for all HER Film Festival enthusiasts, the festival will be back in fall of 2021! Make sure to stay informed about the festival and the latest Simavi news by joining our news letter.