Bodily integrity.

In some parts of Africa and Asia, it is common for girls to marry young. They don't have the right to decide about their own body, just like women who are sexually assaulted or exploited.

Simavi empowers women to claim their sexual and reproductive health and rights and we encourage men and boys to join the discussion. Meeting women's basic needs with clean and safe water, toilets and hygiene also contributes to bodily integrity.


Nearly 1 every 3 seconds a girl is married before the age of 18, that’s 12 million girls each year

Globally, 30% of women experience physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime

Due to Covid-19, gender-based violence against women has increased, in Kenya even with 48,6%

Any questions about our work to improve bodily integrity?

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Gettings the basics right for women and girls.

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