Powerful women, healthy societies. We believe that strong women benefit the whole community. Therefore we strive to encourage women and girls to claim their right to equality and basic needs. Empowered women and girls don’t just improve their own situation but also that of those around them.

For nearly a century, Simavi has been working for a healthy and equal world in regions where this is far from self-evident. Nowadays, we have partners in 10 African and Asian countries.

Powerful women, healthy societies

Developments like Covid-19 and climate change will mainly affect women and impact gender equality and the fulfilment of women’s rights. That’s why it’s important to invest in women and girls now.

Many factors define status and the ability to pursue human rights. Gender is one aspect, but so is race, class, religion, age, health status, sexual preference and identity. Because all of these factors contribute to our daily life, we look at the system as a whole.

Simavi: Powerful women, healthy societies.
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Getting the basics right for women and girls

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