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Annual report 2017


2017 in film

The annual report is online! Especially for you we created a video overview of the most memorable moments. 2017 in film! Without your support and that of all our other donors, we would not have been able to do our job. Thank you!


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The year 2017 was marked by some surprising and momentous twists and turns, and we feel it is worth reflecting on this! We challenged ourselves to magnify the impact of our work. How? Read Simavi's full annual report!

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We create impact together

We have achieved so much through the fantastic contributions from our great colleagues and sponsors, and with the help of companies, foundations and government. We thank those who have worked for Simavi in the past year.


Ariette Brouwer - Managing Director

‘I am grateful for the fact that we have all worked hard to achieve our mission; ‘A healthy life for all”

  • The Ritu program in Bangladesh, through which we reached more than 10,000 people with knowledge about good hygiene surrounding menstrual health.
  • A new program that we have established in 2017: The WASH SDG Consortium. No less than 11 parties are involved and, by working together, in 2021 we will be able to provide at least 9 million people with safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.
  • And why 2017 was also very special, is that we have restarted to think about: who are we actually? We have followed a track, 'reinventing ourselves', and that means we have really looked critically at ourselves again.

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Ariette Brouwer, Simavi

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Marianne van Diggele-Holtland, Simavi

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Marianne van Diggele-Holtland - PME Officer

‘The question we should ask ourselves is not only ‘are we doing things right?’ but ‘are we doing the right things?’’

  • In 2017 we started to implement 2 programs to improve women’s empowerment and girls wellbeing.
    By doing this we have been able to add a more thorough component of research.
  • Remarkable and noteworthy as well is the fact that we started with the design of high-impact program prototypes.
  • In India we have evaluated our program while using empowering story telling tools!

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Mahbuba Kumkum - Project Manager

‘2017 was a great example of how we can grow step by step by implementing new strategies’

  • One of the exciting moments in 2017 was when we went through a successful budget tracking process.
  • Another exciting moment was that we have been creating a knowledge base at the community. 1000 teachers and about 10,000 parents received fact based information about menstrual health.
  • My third highlight was the evidence based programming and research process. The Evidence Based Programming approach has a significant positive impact on the program quality and the expected impact of the program.

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Mahbuba Kumkum, Simavi

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Michiel de Wilde, Simavi

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Michiel de Wilde - Chair Supervisory Board

‘The way in which Simavi addresses development, is appealing to me and I am looking forward to all the great developments in the future!’

  • In 2017 Simavi has decided to adjust its course. This reformation is in full development at the moment. This is challenging and progressive.
  • A highlight and a first big step is that Simavi started working ‘agile’ in 2017. This to be agile in an organisation that is changing faster and faster.
  • Simavi developed a program in Nepal in which WASH and SRHR are integrated, an inspiring example with a focus on 'inclusion'. To put differently: How does a program reach those people most difficult to reach?

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Selma Hilgersom - Programme Officer WASH

‘It isn’t about the things in the world that are bad, it’s about what you can do to improve them.’

  • In 2017 the MKAJI programme has made lots of progress; in total we worked in 23 health facilities which now benefits more than 80,000 people from our WASH services.
  • 'WASH & Learn' connects different countries in East-Africa with each other to connectively improve WASH-services in schools and communities
  •  I found it a great experience to share our evidence-based approach to combat trachoma in Tanzania. This at a conference in London together with Sightsavers.

Watch Selma's full story here

Selma Hilgersom, Simavi

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Anneke Hendriks, Dopper

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Anneke Hendriks - Project Manager Dopper Foundation

‘Together with Simavi, we as Dopper will create access to clean and safe water in Nepal, thank you Simavi!’

  • Reinventing Simavi; I find it very strong that Simavi looks at her own future with her partners, during this process they look at how we as Dopper can be part of this to ensure great projects in the future.
  • Of course our projects in Nepal; to supply as much people as possible to clean and safe drinking water. Liked to this we have developed a strong monitoring an evaluating report.
  • Simavi meets Dopper: We have spent time to really get to know each other during a beautiful morning. What is each organisation exactly doing and what does our partnership mean?

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Explore our full annual report for a detailed record of Simavi's work, achievements and finances in 2017.

View the full 2017 report here!

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