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Simavi realises structural improvement to the health conditions of people in marginalised communities in Africa and Asia. We know from experience that investments in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) are vital for people to be able to lead a healthy life. Therefore we concentrate our efforts in these two areas.

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Jan Rotmans, Professor of Transitions and Transition Management, stirred our minds by sharing his vision about the transition our society is currently going through. He argues that we are in a change of eras comparable to the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. Jan believes that  we are moving towards Society 3.0: decentralised, bottom-up, flexible and with small networks instead of a society dominated by bureaucracy and large companies.  We asked Jan what these changes will mean for organisations and individuals in the development sector.

Simavi explains sanitation challenges on Al Jazeera

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Our goal is to structurally improve the basic health of 10 million people by 2020.

Simavi has been working to improve basic health for ninety years.

Over this time we’ve built up an in-depth knowledge of what - and who - it takes to successfully implement WASH and SRHR programmes and how to keep producing positive and sustainable results.

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Action happens when people demand

Volunteer at NEEDS, India

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Let’s reach the whole population

Chief Executive of the Water Supply Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)

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Increase awareness of harmful behaviour

Head of Phadiya Panchayat, social worker (Rathura)

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Collaboration brings synergy and achievements

Medical Officer, India